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Knowledge Base > Which drivers should I use for the D-Link DWA-142 and DWA-130 USB wireless adapters?

Which drivers should I use for the D-Link DWA-142 and DWA-130 USB wireless adapters?

NOTE: Support for DriverLoader has been deprecated as of CDRouter 6.5

DriverLoader Installation

We recommend using the current version of Linuxant's DriverLoader when using the D-Link DWA-142 or DWA-130 adapters. Download the current version of DriverLoader here. This executable is named '' and will install the appropriate driverloader kernel module based on your Operating System. After the download is complete:

  1. Open a terminal
  2. Use the 'cd' command to enter the directory in which the installer downloaded. Example:

  3. cd Desktop

  4. Execute the installer

  5. sh ./

  6. This completes the DriverLoader installation. Before you can access your D-Link DWA-142 or DWA-130, you must install its specific drivers. DriverLoader serves a private webpage for you to do this easily with a web browser. Please see Driver Files on this same page to complete installation of your D-Link DWA-142 or DWA-130.

Older Linux Distributions

If the installer above does not work properly, you may have an older Linux Distribution with an older kernel. In this case, we recommend an older version of Driverloader, version 2.43. Please follow these steps to install DriverLoader 2.43:

  1. Download DriverLoader 2.43
  2. Extract the downloaded driverloader-2.43.tar.gz file to a folder on the Linux host machine (right-click on the downloaded file and select 'Extract here')
  3. Open a terminal and 'cd' to the location of the extracted DriverLoader 2.43

    # cd /home/user/Desktop/driverloader-2.43

  4. As root, run the command 'make install' and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of DriverLoader 2.43

  5. # make install

Driver Files

DriverLoader requires the use of specific driver files. For the D-Link DWA-142 and DWA-130 USB adapters, we recommend using these three driver files:

To install the above driver files using DriverLoader, please follow these steps:

  1. If running a Fedora operating system, please be sure to install the modified 16k kernel
  2. Plug in the D-Link DWA-142 or DWA-130 adapter
  3. Access the DriverLoader web configuration tool on (Note: DriverLoader is not accessible from remote IP addresses.)
  4. Click the ‘Upload Windows Driver’ link and select the mrvw245.inf file
  5. The web configuration tool should now ask for two additional files – mrvw245.sys and mrvw243.sys - select these files and follow the on screen instructions

The D-Link DWA-142 / DWA-130 wireless adapter should be installed and operable at this point.

Additional Information

The D-Link DWA-142 and DWA-130 adapters are supported in release 4.1 (or newer) of CDRouter and will not work with earlier versions. There are a few caveats when using the D-Link DWA-142 / DWA-130 for wireless testing:

  • Packet loss with 802.11g routers - we have noticed intermittent packet loss between the DWA-142 / DWA-130 and some 802.11g routers. This does not appear to be an issue when running in 802.11n mode.
  • Automatic re-association - the DWA-142 / DWA-130 adapters do not automatically re-associate if they become disassociated for any reason. This can result in test failures although disassociation during a test run is rare.
  • Dynamic WEP security - the DWA-142 / DWA-130 adapters do not support dynamic WEP security using 802.1x.

If you have Network Manager installed, please read Removing Network Manager before using CDRouter for testing.

Please contact for more information on the DWA-142 / DWA-130 and compatibility with your test setup.